If you want to know how to increase productivity in software development, the short answer is that it all starts with clear goals and reasonable expectations. Clear, transparent communication helps build trust among the team and promotes positive working relationships. This leads to a more enjoyable working experience and increases the chances of completing a project successfully. There are few aspects that DPP studies explored involving Global Software Development. Canfora et al. reported that due to the distance, the challenges in the practice are related with the lack of the common vision of project between the team. The authors suggest that a brainstorming with the distributed pairs could help to solve this [5].

  • Messages can be sent without perfect knowledge of the language or perfect pronunciation, aiding teams whose members have differing native languages.
  • Such a study is important for both practitioners and scholars to better understand the current state of the literature and industry in the context of task allocation in a GSD project.
  • Besides expertise in their given field, BairesDev stands out by requiring all their employees to be fluent in English.
  • Having different languages and far away time zones can easily impede collaboration and workflow.
  • Trust us to leverage the latest advancements in software development and artificial intelligence technology to unlock new possibilities and drive innovation for your company.
  • Management style can also vary depending on the country your development team is based in.

In its most basic form, outsourcing is contracting development functions to a third party. Outsourcing organizations have more management control over a project because they oversee the entire process. In contrast, the client has limited access to the team and is usually assigned to a project manager. And while many businesses fail in their attempt to go international when selling abroad, the same pitfalls are true when expanding your software development team internationally too.

Distributed Pair Programming: A Systematic Literature Review

These best practices can improve the chances of success of a project that employs a global team. As shown, 72% of the studies described the use of social techniques to facilitate collaboration in a distributed environment. This percentage increases to 83% when combined with the percentage that has a mixture of locations. The high percentage of distributed locations indicates that most of the social computing techniques applications identify the importance of support for collaboration in a distributed environment. Furthermore, this result also confirms the change within the recent trend in software development method from localised environment to distributed environment.

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Therefore, building a hybrid team will be highly beneficial for complex and challenging projects if you have the budget and time. You can employ a specialist software development team structure if your projects have a larger scope of work or if you’re working on a tight schedule. Our dedicated software development company ensures that your project is completed in the estimated time thanks to our agile approach. We guarantee the quality and efficiency of the product, as well as providing updates if necessary.

Make Sure that Developers Have a Quiet, Distraction-Free Work Environment

No matter the size of your project, we cooperate with small startups and big companies. Our dedicated quality assurance department will ensure that every project meets expectations, leaving no room for compromise. Connect databases, text and third party APIs with the help of GlobalCloudTeam experts. Maybe you need a payment platform for your website to be up and running on the day of launch.

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Section 3 goes into more depth on some of the cultural differences that may affect teamwork and productivity. This is very different from what you might find for a company that outsources its projects to random overseas developers in an attempt to cut costs. This practice can lead to issues with quality, timeframe and overall team cohesion, especially when the development team composition global software development team is constantly changing. When you hire an offshore development team, take time to learn about their most important holidays. If you take the national holidays into account at the onset, you will be able to plan the work around them successfully. In China, developers will happily work through Christmas, but you won’t be able to reach them during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

3 Need for an evidence-based study to identify factors for task allocation in a global context

Our team is growing all the time, so we’re always on the lookout for smart people who want to help us reshape the world of scientific publishing. The benefit here is that code gets reviewed at an earlier stage, allowing teams to identify potential issues and what steps they need to take in order to avoid them. Feedback loops aren’t just for performance management; they also apply to in-progress coding tasks. For example, it’s a good idea to send a Draft Pull Request with partial implementations or proofs of concept, especially if a project is shaping up to be more difficult than anticipated. With the shift to remote work, you might also consider providing documentation and training that helps teams make the most of their new situation.

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Adaptive systems that enable run-time change to the software (and sometimes platform) are even more challenging to test, measure quality attributes, and ensure appropriate quality attributes continue to be met. Multiple tenants of cloud applications may each have different requirements—and different views of what “quality” is and how it should be measured and evaluated. Distributed software development teams may encounter impediments to productivity resulting from the same reasons that led to their formation in the first place. Forming a distributed team to provide skills or cultural knowledge not available locally may force team members to work with people who have different technical backgrounds or languages. They may be accustomed to various work environments, legal restrictions, and political situations, and they may use disparate methods or styles of communication or rely on different technical infrastructure. As the physical distance grows between team members, often these cognitive challenges grow as well.


Follow our advice to set up communication channels, build trust and keep cultural differences in mind, and you will never regret your decision to outsource software development. Other researchers have conducted systematic literature review on GSD/global software engineering. A systematic review was recently conducted at Sweden aiming to gauge the current state-of-the-art in the field of global software engineering [45].

Software development managers may be more comfortable with traditional or collocated teams when the end product is to be used in a local or in-house environment at a single location. If the software is run within the confines of a smaller organization, then the development team may also take on the same characteristics. Thus, when developing software for use within a limited geographic area, common sense often calls for a team from that same area. In our experience, software team managers who promote communication and provide appropriate aids in the form of software tools are more likely to reach their goals and maintain good working relationships. We explore some of the reasons underlying this statement in the sections on management and tools, with particular emphasis on software tools. The same technological advances that promote globalization on a grand scale can facilitate globalization within a distributed team, particularly in a technically adept group such as software developers.

#3. Determine Which Remote Location is Best

Terms such as “overseas outsourcing” have become dirty words in the industry, but the pandemic shift toward remote work has largely changed these views. Cultural diversity has both positive and negative effects on distributed team effectiveness and success. However, as noted earlier, distributed teams face greater communication challenges than traditional teams, especially teams that are not homogeneous with respect to cultural composition.

Section 1.3 presents the basic concepts related to software quality models and provides a conceptual model that defines the relation among the different concepts. In many cases, however, achieving them—measuring, assessing, and even defining them—have become much more challenging to software engineers. A very challenging area of software quality assurance (SQA) is security and privacy. Software-intensive, cloud-hosted, large-scale distributed systems are inherently more vulnerable to attack, data loss, and other problems.

Hiring a Software Development Company With a Local Presence

E-mail has been around long enough now that almost everyone is aware of what it is. In 2002, the number of e-mail users worldwide was around 890 million (Gwizdka, 2002) and by 2009 approximately 1.4 billion (Radicati Group, Inc., 2009). It has become a standard form of communication within teams and is hard to replace.